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Conklin, NY is a sleepy town that features many parks and conveniences. Some of the most popular areas are found in Skyline Drive State Forest where residents and visitors enjoy spending time in nature. This small community of people knows and trust each other.

At Savage-DeMarco Funeral Service, we are working hard to strengthen the community in this area. Our team is here to assist with funeral home and cremations services, ensuring that your family receives the quality care that you deserve.

If there has been a death in your family, it can feel overwhelming to think of what needs to be said to those who are struggling with the loss. As a result, many people end up saying nothing. Your loved ones need comfort during this time, and you can provide the support with a few simple words. This effort will help others find expression in their grief, which is an important part of healing.

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It can be tempting to offer sermons or advice, especially if speaking to the younger generations. Avoid lecturing and only offer advice if the person asks for help. Everyone grieves uniquely, so your experience might not be the same as friends and family. You cannot guess what they are feeling, so it is best just to listen. If they do ask for advice or your opinion on anything, then you should offer a listening ear and gentle guidance.

Ask the Right Questions

We all have the habit of asking standard questions like “how are you?” These inquiries are usually answered with rote responses. Instead, why not ask more complex questions like “what have you been struggling with since the funeral?” Is there anything you need? If you need additional ideas, then you might consider talking to grief counselors who can guide you through the process.

Be Open-Minded

People can have erratic behavior when going through a loss. They might say strange things and act in peculiar ways. It is important not to zero in on the behavior. Instead, accept it as part of the process. This effort will make your loved one feel like they can speak and act with you in an honest, vulnerable way. By offering trust and sympathy, you will be able to understand more of the struggle the person is going through during this time.

Offer Solidarity

Do not tell people how they should feel. But, let them know that you and other loved ones have gone through similar experiences. The support might seem like a small thing to say, but it can take away the insecurity. Feeling alone while dealing with grief is normal. You can help by offering solidarity. Let the person tell you about the difference of their grieving style and keep reassuring them that it is normal and that it will pass with time.

Make Them Laugh

It is important that a person can laugh to lighten the mood. Laughter reduces stress and increases dopamine, making it a must for the grieving process. The problem is that people are afraid to laugh or to say something funny while grieving. Sometimes, it feels like they forget about their loved one. But, the truth is that a grieving body needs a break from sorrow which can happen if there is a moment of lightness. Always be respectful, of course.

Provide Safety

Make the environment around you safe so that your loved one will feel at ease speaking with you. Let them know that you will not feel offended by anything they say. Assure the person that they are free to speak as much or as little as they want.

Make sure there are not any distractions or loud noises since these noises can be disconcerting for someone who is hypersensitive due to grief. Consider an invitation to your home or a café or restaurant. Offer nourishment, not just coffee, and invite them to stay as long as they want. All of these elements will create a sense of safety and support.

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All of these suggestions can have a positive impact on the way someone deals with grief. Never push them to do anything they do not want to do. Respect their wishes when it comes to things that they may or may not want to discuss.

At Savage-DeMarco Funeral Service, we are here to support your family during this time of grief. If you are looking for a funeral home in Conklin, NY, then we invite you to schedule a consultation. Our team is dedicated to helping throughout the entire process after the loss of a loved one. With the right guidance, you will be able to comfort to a loved one in need. Reach out to Savage-DeMarco Funeral Service, located at 1605 Witherill Street Endicott, NY 13760. Call our team any time: (607)785-2841

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