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Grieving Tips from a Funeral Home and Cremations Provider in Kirkwood, NY

At Savage-DeMarco Funeral Service, we provide the full range of funeral and cremation services that are needed for families in a Kirkwood, NY. Our services are designed to support the grieving process. Designing a custom funeral can be the right answer to provide closure for friends and family members.

Losing someone you love is a challenging experience. This grief affects all members of the family, both old and young. After a death, children are often the most affected family members. So, they need the most support during this time.

It is important to note that what might work for an adult might not be the right way for a child to grieve. Things that bring closure to an adult could do emotional damage to a child. We have created a list of suggestions to help parents and other relatives when they are aiding children who have experienced a death.

Give Permission to Grieve

Permission to grieve may seem unnecessary for an adult. But a child it can be an important step that allows them to work through the grieving process. Many children might feel like they will cause harm if they cry. It is vital that you give a child permission to express what they feel. It is a teaching opportunity to show a healthy way to process emotions after a death.

Answer Questions

It is very important to answer any questions a child might have before, during, or after the funeral. Many people try to help by lying or distracting the child. Instead, these efforts are hindering the healing process. Children are curious and want to know what happened to their loved one. So, be ready to provide them with answers.

Do Not Expect Sadness All the Time

Children will still have moments when they want to play and have fun. In one moment, the child might express sadness, and in the next moment, they might turn to play or watch television. It is normal behavior, so don’t be surprised if you see varying moods throughout the day. Children grieve differently than adults and often feel the need to taking a break from sadness. It is important for you to allow them to play without judging the behavior.

Active Listening

A child might need encouragement to express what they are feeling. It is important to ask them questions and then listen to their response. Do not lecture the child about the situation. Instead, offer a safe environment where the child can open the discussion when they are ready to talk.

 Do Not be Surprised by Mood Swings

Mood swings are common in both adults and children who are grieving. The person may feel sad in one moment and then suddenly seem angry in the next moment. Tantrums are common for children since the emotional state is out of balance. Allow the child to express both positive and negative feelings. If you see extreme mood swings or you are worried about self-harm, then it is best to reach out to a counselor. Our team at Savage-DeMarco Funeral Service can provide grief resources that will support every member of the family.

Consider Support Groups

One option is to take a child to a support group with other children who have experienced loss. Many community centers have these groups available, which allow your child to express their emotions in a safe environment. A child, like an adult, can feel like they are alone with their grief. So, it is important to show them that other children are going through grief as well. At Savage-DeMarco Funeral Service, we can help you find counseling groups that match the needs of your family.

Give the Child Options

It is also important to provide options. Let the child choose whether or not they want to go to the funeral or memorial service. If they do, involve the child in some of the decisions. This process can empower them and help as they deal with grief. The child needs to know that it is ok if they do not want to go to the funeral.

Services from a Funeral Home and Cremations Provider in Kirkwood, NY

These suggestions can be used to support the grieving process in your home. You want to ensure your child feels comfortable sharing what they are feeling. If they are struggling, then they can speak with you or a counselor.

When you lose someone that you love, you need to lean on the support of a trusted funeral home. Let our team oversee the funeral details so that you can focus your time on the family. At Savage-DeMarco Funeral Service, we can provide the support that is needed before, during and after the funeral. To learn more about the funeral home and cremation services in Kirkwood, NY, visit us at 1605 Witherill Street Endicott, NY 13760. Schedule a consultation with our team by calling (607)785-2841

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