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Common Myths About Funerals and Cremation in Windsor, NY

Windsor, NY is a town in Broome County that boasts the Marsh Pond State Forest and many conveniences for the residents. Even though the area has a small population, the community-focused services are unbeatable.

At Savage-DeMarco Funeral Service, one of the best funeral home and cremations services in the area, are working hard to provide the quality service that you deserve. We offer everything that is needed for end-of-life services, including cremations, funeral arrangements, and pre-planning options.

Although cremation has grown in popularity, there are still people who are not sure if it is the best option. One problem is the long list of misconceptions about cremation, which make it harder for people to make the right decision.

If you are not sure about cremation, research on the subject to learn about your options. You can find many websites that share information to debunk the pervasive myths that might deter people from choosing cremation. Here are some of the things you might learn:

Myth One: You Might Receive the Wrong Ashes

Cremation is even more strictly guided by laws than burial, which means that there is a high level of attention to every detail. Not only do we follow the laws, but we have internal rules to ensure accuracy and respect for every family. We always ask for specific paperwork and identification to prevent any mistakes.

At Savage-DeMarco Funeral Service, we are members of the NFDA (National Funeral Director’s Association). This membership means that we have agreed to maintain strict guidelines when it comes to ensuring the efficacy of the ashes you receive. If you are worried about the ashes you will receive, then you might choose the witness the cremation. You will need to speak with the funeral home or crematorium ahead of time to make these arrangements.

Myth Two: A Funeral is Not Possible After Cremation

People often think that by choosing cremation, they are giving up the chance of having a funeral service. But, you can always select the services that will best match the needs of your family members.

Some people choose to have a funeral service before the cremation, while others want to hold a memorial service instead. You can bring the urn to the memorial, giving friends and family a chance to say goodbye. The combination of cremation with a memorial is a common choice, and we highly recommend it if cremation is the right solution for your loved one.

Myth Three: It is Illegal to Scatter the Ashes

Most locations allow you to scatter ashes without any problem or paperwork. Of course, if you want to scatter the ashes on private land, you will need to get permission from the owner. There are also some legal requirements you need to consider if you want to have a water burial. For example, you can purchase a bio-degradable urn that is made of a material that will not pollute the water. Scattering the ashes over a lake or the ocean can be a great solution to provide closure for your family.

Myth Four: You Must Purchase an Urn from the Funeral Home in Windsor, NY

Urns are not required for the cremation service. Legally, the funeral home or cremation provider cannot require that you purchase an urn from the company.
Of course, you will need a container, but it can be a temporary storage container. Or, you can select an urn from another retailer. You find quality urns from other providers, including online services. The cost of the urn is a concern that many people have, especially if they have a limited budget. But, you cannot be forced to make a purchase you do not want to make.

Myth Five: Cremated Remains are Ashes

Since most people in the funeral industry calls these remains ashes, it is a term that is used in the industry. But, the remains consist of bone fragments. The high temperatures in the crematorium break the body down, and the bones are left behind.
Next, the bone fragments are placed in another machine that processes them. The final product is a sand-like substance made of the bone fragments.

Myth Six: Religions Do Not Allow Cremation

Decades ago, some of the most popular religious discouraged cremation. Now, most religions are fine with cremations, though that is not the case with every faith. Some traditions require you to purchase a niche or dedicated grave where the ashes can be interred. Religious issues should not arise if you have chosen cremation for a loved one. The best thing you can do is talk to a religious leader for guidance.

Finding a Trusted Funeral Home

At Savage-DeMarco Funeral Service, we are happy to explain the cremation service and answer your questions about the range of options that are available. We are working hard to be the best funeral home and cremation provider in Windsor, NY. Visit us at 1605 Witherill Street Endicott, NY 13760. You are welcome to call anytime: (607)785-2841.

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